golf cars myrtle beachWhen it comes to the history of automobiles, most of us know the basics. But did you know that golf cars have a cool history all their own? Well, they do! Just like the modern car started with the Ford Model T, today’s golf cars have their own story, although it didn’t start in 1908 like the Model T did.

First of all, a little tidbit: while many circles will interchangeably use the terms golf cart and golf car, it is technically a golf car since a cart isn’t self-propelled. When they first came out, these little golf cars were only electric, but in recent years they have become gas powered as well. It’s important to note, however, that many people still prefer the electric powered golf car because they don’t make a lot of noise or emit a lot of pollutants. A Texarkana resident named JK Wadley was the very first owner of the very first golf car. He also discovered the three-wheeled style that allow elderly and many others to feel a bit more safe and secure.

Bright Ideas!

The first custom built golf car by Wadley was in 1932. He was quite the innovator, although his creation was far more popular among the disabled community or those who had difficulty walking. It wasn’t until the 1950s that it caught on in the golf community. Golfers loved the idea of having a bit of luxury, allowing them to be pampered with their golf cars, rather than walking everywhere on the course. Sears and Roebuck and Victor Adding were among the first manufacturers to provide many electric golf car models, making them soar in popularity.

The Change of Times

Later, after the rationing of gasoline subsided, a man called Max Walker created the first gas-powered golf car. It happened in 1957 and was dubbed The Walker Executive. It was similar to the trike in shape and had similar lines as a Vespa on the front end. It was just the right design to be able to carry a couple of golfers and their gear. In today’s world, there are far more high tech options other than gas-powered golf cars, but the demand for them has not waned over time and they are still as popular as ever, whether you play golf, or just want a fun little way to get around the neighborhood. Suffice it to say, golf cars are going out of style any time soon!

Modern technology has allowed us to trick out our golf cars with great sound systems, solar power, and many other green options. There’s no limit to these amazing little vehicles and what they can be used for. It might be a game of golf, but it could also be for utility, hunting, or even a hospitality transport. It could also make life much easier for the elderly or disabled.

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