Custom Golf Cars Myrtle BeachBefore today’s wide popularity of the use of custom golf cars, these small electric cars have undergone a lot of disputes from the local government. Many have questioned not only their legality as well as the safety of their use. But thanks to the persistence of the owner of a small golf cart company, people have realized the benefits of using golf carts.

One owner was William Stevens Jr. and he wanted to prove the reliability of his golf cars. In 1962, he wanted to present his golf cart in a golf merchandise show in Florida; so he drove it from Georgia to the show. Unfortunately, he was pulled over by a patrol officer who told him he could not drive his golf cart on the highway. Stevens argued that there were no signs that said he couldn’t so the patrol officer let him go.

This little scenario, according to experts and analysts, is what triggered the developments in the golf cart industry. From then on, custom golf cars were used in a wide variety of purposes aside from travelling through a golf course. In fact, a retirement community was later opened in Orlando in the 1980s to allow seniors to use golf carts in a wide variety of purposes, including running errands around the city and doing grocery shopping. This senior living community was specifically built to support the lifestyle of seniors which primarily revolves around golf carts.

Golf carts as primary mode of transportation

Since then, various retirement developments have been built all throughout the country as more and more seniors choose golf carts as their primary mode of transportation. What seniors like best about golf carts is that they allow them to travel throughout their local areas with utmost comfort and safety. They don’t worry about making noise or stopping by a gas station to refuel. Moreover, they have easy access to their surroundings because golf carts do not have doors. They can see everything and be able to move freely as they are not hindered by seat belts.

Here are some of the great things that people are saying about custom golf cars:

  • “You’re open to the weather and when you’re going a slower speed, you observe things. You’re closer to other golf-cart drivers, so you can interact with people as you go. It’s easier to park. It’s like a big toy in some ways.” Ernie Keckonen, sales manager of The Villages Golf Cars
  • “I would venture that at least half our golf carts have never been on a golf course. Early on residents started driving off the course and doing errands in their golf carts.” Paul Herrmann, executive director of the visitor’s center in Arizona’s Sun City
  • “The sensation is oddly thrilling. Cruising along in a golf cart at 20 miles per hour is somehow more invigorating than travelling in a car at seventy.” Andrew Blechman, journalist and author of Leisureville.

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