Golf Cars For HuntingGone are the days of having to buy a plain white golf car! Today’s golf cars can be tricked out with loads of extras and in any color you want. This can not only customize your car in just the way you like, but it can also really affect how the golf car is used. Bet you didn’t know all the different purposes and functions of your golf car! Well, one function is hunting. That’s right, you can turn your golf car into a hunting vehicle. It doesn’t take much effort to do, and can make a really fun off-road vehicle for your hunting trips. One of the really attractive benefits of using your golf car as a hunting vehicle is its quiet engine. Every hunter knows that you want it as quiet as possible, so as not to scare away the animal you are hunting. Golf cars are a great way to do this. They are also not very heavy compared to trucks and other vehicles, so this also makes it easy to use them while hunting. To do this, you simply need some simple modifications

There has been growing popularity among hunters to use golf cars for their hunting expeditions. Among the top reasons has got to be the quiet motor. ATVs are much louder and if you’re going off road, you might find yourself sitting on a trail waiting for deer, the last thing you want is a loud motor scaring them off.  This makes custom golf cars a really great option for hunters.

You can also find a wide variety of hunting accessories to go with your golf car. You might want racks to hold your guns securely or even getting the entire golf car wrapped in camouflage so you’ll blend in to the scenery.

Finally, if you plan on taking your golf car into areas you would typically only be able to get to in an ATV, then you will want to have it modified with the proper All-Terrain tires. For the true motor-head enthusiast out there, you might be able to do this yourself, but for the rest of us, it’s great to know there are places who will do the job of turning your standard golf car into a customized hunting vehicle!! Some dealers are even offering golf cars of this type ready made as they grow in popularity.

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