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Effective golf cart maintenance does not only include regularly taking the cart to a professional like Best Golf Cars for checkups and tune-ups. There are other things that a golf cart owner should do in order to keep the cart in tip top condition. It is important to provide optimum care for your golf cart to ensure a longer life span for your carts as well as guarantee you and your family’s safety whenever using the cart.

To help you effectively take care of your golf carts, here are some helpful golf cart maintenance guidelines that you can follow.

Regularly charge your car – For electric golf carts, it is important to keep them charged at all times. Experts recommend charging your golf cart after using it for every 7 miles. Make sure the charger is switched on by checking the charger ammeter. Also, the charger will be hot to the touch when charging.

To ensure you always charge your golf carts before it runs out of power, consider installing a LED charge indicator in the cart’s dashboard. The light indicator moves between fully charged and needs charging depending on the condition of your golf cart.

Check the water of your battery regularly – According to Myrtle Beach golf cart maintenance experts, batteries should be checked regularly to ensure they have the right level of water. More specifically, you should look at the water level of your battery every month for the first two years of buying the golf cart and every two weeks thereafter.

The right level of water in your battery should be just slightly below the split ring. Also, the plates should be covered by water. If you need to charge your golf cart, do this first before adding water. Note that water can boil over during charging and cause additional problems. Use only distilled or treated water when refilling your batteries.

Wash your batteries carefully – This is to ensure that dirt and debris will not stick to your batteries and cause damage and corrosion. Keep in mind that a corroded battery is prone to self discharge even when not in use.

According to professionals, proper care should be observed when washing batteries. You should wear proper eye protection and clothing because battery acid is harmful to the eyes and skin. Battery acid can also leave permanent stain on your driveway and flooring. Thus, you should consider placing a drip tray under your golf cart whenever washing your batteries.

Always maintain the right tire pressure – Consult with your golf cart manufacturer or with golf cart maintenance experts to confirm the right pressure to maintain for your golf carts. It is important to keep your tires with sufficient pressure as this helps ensure easy steering and safe driving.

Practice proper storage of your golf cart – When storing your golf cart, you should ensure that it is in the neutral gear and the key should be switched off. In addition to this, you should also consider placing blocks along the path of the golf cart. This will ensure that your golf cart will not go and roll anywhere.

For more professional golf cart maintenance tips, call Best Golf Cars now.

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