Golf Cart Myrtle BeachIf you have made the decision to purchase a used golf cart, you now need to figure out if you like an electric or gas-powered cart. There are benefits to both and knowing all the facts about the advantages and downsides will help you make an informed decision. Gas and electric golf cars look the very same, for the most part.

The favorable elements of gas carts is that they have a bit more power than their electrical counterparts and for that reason, do better if the golf course you normally golf has a landscape with lots of hills. Gas carts tend to last longer and are fairly durable; there is not a lot that can go wrong with them. Gas carts are less expensive, for the exact same factor gas-powered cars are less expensive than electrical.

In states like California, gas golf carts are not legal in different areas of the state because they produce more pollution than the electric carts, which is the very first damaging aspect to the gas-powered cart, you may not be able to buy one, depending where you live.

Carts can be noisy, but it clearly depends on the brand you purchase. Older gas-powered carts have the tendency to smell from the fumes of the gas itself, but the more recent designs perform much cleaner. The gas-powered requires both gas and oil and like a car can begin leaking after a period of time, so it can be messy particularly in older used carts.

The electrical carts are incredibly quiet, helpful for the environment, do not leak, and are clean to run. Nevertheless, there are negatives too, for instance, they do sometimes not do well on hills since they lack the power of the gas-powered. They run best on flat surface areas which we have plenty of here in Myrtle Beach. They don’t go as quick as the gas powered carts, but this is probably not a big element since no one is racing on the greens or around the beach. Electric golf carts, brand-new or used are more pricey because they are a newer technology and much better for the environment, which is a big selling aspect for dealers. One charge is sufficient for an afternoon trip to the beach, so the electric carts hold their charge fairly well.

If you are checking out used golf carts rather than new, chances are your budget may be tight, so a gas-powered might be your best bet because you will get a more of a cart than an electrical cart. Nevertheless, it is important to understand exactly what your budget plan is then choose which cart you genuinely can afford. You might be stunned and wind up able to pay for the electrical model, unless the gas cart is really, exactly what you want. Regardless if, you select gas or electric, always buy from a reputable dealer.

Best Golf Cars take pride in our rebuilt cars. We make sure the golf cart is in working order and is the most efficient cart for your particular needs.


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