Golf Cart Myrtle BeachWhen it comes to golf accessories, are you sure you know which one is the best for you and what you really need?

Below are some of the most popular golf cart accessories today.


Golf cart mirrors are rather obvious! This device is most preferred by golf cart owners since many factory manufactured carts only have one small mirror installed (which is ideal for the golf course, but not secure on the road). Adding mirrors to your golf cart enables you to drive the road with enhanced safety and security while you are out riding.

Covers & Enclosures

Never ever get caught in the rain while you are out having lunch or going to a friend’s place again. Enclosures in golf carts are meant for you to enjoy the outdoors in all sorts of weather condition.

You have to remember that when buying golf cart enclosures find top quality units that are made with sturdy safety plastic doors constructed from solid tarpaulin with 12-gauge, marine-grade, very clear PVC windows.

Rocker Panels, Kick Plates & Shock Covers

Golf cart rocker panels, shock covers and kick plates are an economical means to spruce up your cart and protect its hard edges.

A lot of rocker panels, kick plates and also shock install covers can be found in a “lightweight aluminum ruby plate” design, yet there are additionally smooth surfaces readily available.

Fender Flares

Golf cart fender flares are an extremely preferred accessory particularly for golf carts that are lifted with countered wheels as well as larger mud tires. These flares help keep the mud off your passengers and also offer your cart the off-road appearance you want!

Did you know that Fender Flares are also used in off-road trucking, on ATVs and Side-by-Side automobiles and in rally auto racing? This is because they work well when it involves keeping the mud off the cart and the driver as well.

Light Kits

Whether you are planning to brighten your night-time trips around the community as well as the campsite, or you are planning to transform your golf cart right into a street legal cart– a golf cart light set is what you really need.

Golf cart light packages normally can be found in either street legal or non-street legal designs. When you choose the design of golf cart light packages you require, all you need to choose is whether to use LED lights or Halogen light types.


A golf cart windscreen is the best device for keeping the wind, insects as well as various other components off of you and your guests while riding. There are different wind guard packages in either colored or clear surface, relying on which design you like. All the golf cart windscreens we market are changed to make sure that they could endure modest effects throughout its use without breaking.


Among the quickest and also simplest bang-for-the-buck points you could do to upgrade the look of your golf cart is include a collection of fresh tires to it.

Custom-made tires are available in various design styles, shades and also dimensions varying from 18″ high to 23″ high for lightweight aluminum and also steel golf cart wheels sized 8″ via 14″.

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