Golf Cart Maintenance Myrtle BeachAn important part of golf cart maintenance is a tune up. Similarly with all types of vehicles, golf carts need tune ups too, particularly before and after taking it out from storage. Tune ups for golf carts generally include an overall inspection to check the functionality and condition of each part. You need to make sure that each part is running efficiently and the golf cart has no problem or damage.

You can bring your golf carts to a professional like Best Golf Carts for a tune up. Or you can also consider doing the tune up on your own. Here are some tips:

1. Conduct a thorough visual inspection of your cart’s belts. You are basically looking for signs of wear and tear which will be easy to spot. Also make sure that each belt is in the proper tension.

2. Check your brake pedal to ensure it functions properly. Test the brake pedal if necessary. This will help you to confirm whether all the tires are braking evenly.

3. Make sure all cables and connections are secure and free of any visible signs of damage. Tighten all loose connections that you may find. Should you find signs of damage on the cables, you will need to have them replaced at once. Call in a golf cart maintenance professional to assist you in replacing damaged cables on your golf cart.

4. Do not forget to check battery cables for any damage and loose connections. They should also be cleaned and well maintained to avoid connection problems.

5. After taking out your golf cart from being stored for the winter season, check the cart’s batteries first. Look for signs of swelling, cracking and other damage. Should you notice one, you will need to replace your battery to ensure your safety when using the golf cart. Note that damages on the batteries are often caused by improper way of storing golf carts. Thus, it is extremely important that you store your golf carts appropriately.

6. Aside from battery problems, long storage time may also cause damage to battery cables; particularly, corrosion and deterioration. Should you notice signs pointing to these, you will need to clean your battery cables to remove corrosion. You will also need to replace cables with deteriorated ends.

7. Clean your battery terminals using a solution of water and mild baking soda. If there is still corrosion and stains, you can opt to sprinkle dry baking soda on the areas. The baking soda will neutralize the acid on the terminals and cables making it easy for you to wash them away when you rinse the battery with water.

8. Do not let your battery terminals dirty and corroded for a long time as these can easily lead to arcing and electrical problems. Once the terminals have been cleaned, use a terminal protector on your batteries to prevent it from getting dirty and corroded again. Make sure the terminals are completely dry before applying the terminal protector.

9. Check the water levels of your batteries. Keep in mind that the correct water level is when the water almost covers the plates. If you need to add more water to reach the right level, make sure the battery is fully charged and that you use only distilled water to fill your batteries. Making sure that your battery is fully charged before adding water helps to prevent overflowing of the batteries.

10. Do the tune up first before buying supplies and other materials that you need for golf cart maintenance. This will help you identify the specific supplies that you need and prevent you from spending money on things that you do not really need.

Golf cart maintenance and tune ups before storing for the winter

Experts agree that an overall tune up and complete maintenance is also important before you store your golf cart for the winter. The primary reason for this is to prevent damage to your golf cart – such as freezing and cracking – that can be caused the colder temperature. Thus, you need to ensure your golf cart is in perfect condition before storing it for the winter season. Also, make sure that the battery is fully charged.

Always remember that properly storing your golf cart is one of the most efficient ways to effectively take care of them and one of the important aspects of a good golf cart maintenance.

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