Golf Cart Rentals Myrtle Beach

Many travelers find that vacation golf cart rentals are a great way to explore the area in which they are vacationing. Aside from being able to safely go sightseeing without tiring out from walking and trekking, travelers and vacationers are also able to breathe in fresh, salty, ocean air.

Many vacationers also consider these golf carts (also called golf cars) a great alternative to using cars because of being eco-friendly and cost-effective as they do not run on gas. With gas prices steadily fluctuating, more and more travelers are choosing to rent golf carts instead of bringing their own cars or renting cars for their vacation.

If you are also considering this great alternate form of transportation but it is your first time to do so while on vacation, you will need to learn about some general rules for using vacation rental golf carts.

Keep in mind, however, that laws and regulations may vary from area to area and city to city. Despite this, there are general laws that apply to most vacation hot spots in Myrtle Beach:

  • Golf carts should be driven during daytime only
  • Golf carts should have the necessary and required licenses before using for travel
  • Golf carts should comply with the requirements necessary for safe street travel
  • Golf cart owners should have an authenticated permit and registration from the Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Golf cart owners should re-apply for a new permit every five years
  • Golf cart should be driven within 4 miles of the address indicated in the registration form
  • Golf carts should only be driven on secondary roads with a speed limit of 35 miles per hour
  • Golf carts should only be driven by individuals aged 16 years and older who has a valid driver’s license
  • Golf cart drivers should bring their driver’s license, registration of certificate and the cart’s proof of liability insurance every time they use the cart

When using golf cart rentals around town, you rarely have to worry about parking space. Because more and more people are using vacation rentals golf carts, many establishments now have dedicated parking slots for golf cars. There are also dedicated areas near the beach where you can safely leave your golf cart while you take a dip in the ocean or get a tan.

According to the Myrtle Beach local government page (, permit and registration for using golf carts may be obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles after submitting proof of ownership and liability insurance as well as after paying the five dollar fee.

The laws and regulations are slightly different for the entire state of South Carolina. Here are some of the rules regarding the use of vacation golf cart rentals according to the South Carolina law.

  • Golf carts should not be used on primary highways including US 17, Kings Highway and US 501; crossing a primary highway is allowed, however.
  • Golf carts can be driven along any secondary highway with the following restrictions:
  • Highway is within two miles of the address indicated in the certificate of registration
  • Time of using golf carts is within daytime
  • Golf cart is fully equipped as according to statutes for vehicles used in public ways

Using golf carts is truly convenient and extremely helpful for vacationers. In fact, it contributes to the fun and enjoyment of vacationers. On the other hand, travelers should take note of the proper etiquette in driving golf cars. This is similar to driving cars – pay attention to and follow road signs, follow parking regulations, and do not drive while under the influence of alcohol.

There are many various reasons why travelers use golf carts. Aside from, basically, getting around town, golf carts may also be used for spending long hours at the beach, and for making quick trips to the grocery store or pharmacy. Golf carts offer huge convenience to many travelers. Thus, they often look for vacation rentals that also come with golf carts.

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