golf cart maintenanceIt’s a common misconception that smaller motorized vehicles, like a golf cart, are less likely to experience an accident than larger vehicles like trucks and cars.  Unfortunately, golf cart mishaps occur with frequency due to people joy riding, going too fast and not taking notice of where they are driving. Being the owner and operator of a golf cart is a great responsibility and to prevent mishaps, especially if you are running a commercial entity that has golf carts for use by workers or guests.  Follow these safe driving suggestions to make golf cart safety and safe operation of the vehicle a priority.

Car Maintenance And Upkeep

If the golf cart will be utilized every day by consumers or workers, then a recognized evaluation schedule should be formed that follows all manufacturer standards. The entire inventory needs to be examined for problems and taken out of service if a problem develops until the cart is properly fixed. Things to examine consist of fluid leaks, tire pressure, worn or missing parts, brakes, steering and other mechanical and safety features.  Best Golf Cars has an excellent service department and our experienced golf cart technicians can take care of your maintenance and upkeep to ensure your cart is safe at all times.

Show Golf Cart Safety Guidelines To Staff members and Visitors

Safety guidelines must be shown to every person who will have access and usage of the golf carts. Staff members need to be trained on the guidelines so as to prevent mishaps and to understand the proper procedure of reporting mishaps. If you are allowing visitors the use of the golf carts, workers need to go over all golf cart driving guidelines so visitors understand the rules prior to operating the vehicle. Some guidelines that your guests ought to understand:

  • Drive at safe speeds
  • Constantly use seat belts
  • Constantly wait till passengers are seated and wearing their seat belts before moving
  • Reduce your speed during inclement weather
  • Always take care when driving around blind corners, bends, down hills and in over populated areas
  • Permit pedestrians the right of way
  • No pleasure riding or horse play in the golf cart

Your top priority should be keeping your employees and visitors safe when driving golf carts that you own and operate. Encourage everyone to follow all safety measures daily.

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