Golf Cart Security Myrtle BeachIn days past, golfers preferred to walk a round of golf from the tees onto the fairways to the hole in order to get the full physical benefit from the exercise and to enjoy a beautiful day. In the late 1940s the first golf cart was introduced with the intent of allowing golfers with disabilities to enjoy the game.

Today we have busy schedule and squeezing in a round of golf can be time consuming which lead to more and more golfers opting to use a golf cart rather than walk. According to the National Golf Structure, motorized carts are now utilized in about two-thirds of all 18-hole rounds.

Golf Carts have also gained popularity off the course as a way to travel to the beach, a quick run to the grocery store or visiting neighbors. Golf carts are often included with vacation rentals or can be arranged to be delivered to your vacation home.

This increased presence of motorized carts playing the golf course and traversing local neighborhoods has led to concerns on cart safety. As in other motor vehicles, improper operation of golf carts can lead to accidents and serious injuries, in addition to triggering damage to the greens.

The Golf Course Superintendent Association of America (GCSAA) recommends numerous rules for the safe use of carts. One GCSAA idea is extremely easy: operate golf carts only from the motorist’s side. No joyriding or showing off as such attitude is not just risky but also breaches the etiquette of the greens. This holds true when utilizing a golf cart off the greens.

No standing while the cart is moving or trying to drive the cart from the passenger seat. Most of these cars do not have safety belts, so the driver needs to make sure that the travelers are totally seated and securely aboard prior to the driver starts the golf cart.

To improve golf cart security, motorist and travelers need to keep their entire body inside the automobile when it’s moving. A hanging foot with a tennis shoe or cleated golf shoe, for example, might easily catch the ground and result in a sprained ankle or broken foot. Limbs extended outside the golf cart might also get snagged by tree branches.

A safe golf cart driver must go slowly through turns and be always on the watch for any oncoming traffic, whether pedestrian or another vehicle. Extra care should be exercised when driving a golf cart up and down slopes, where the cart has to be driven straight and slow. Same applies when entering reverse, driving on loose surfaces, damp turf or rough terrain.

Golf cart security precautions extend up to the time the vehicle comes to a complete stop. The brakes have to be set and the ignition key removed when the cart is no longer in use. The golf cart must never ever be driven by someone under the influence of alcoholic drinks or drugs.

Golf carts must be driven only in locations where they are allowed. Locations limited to golf carts are suggested by golf course signs which need to be obeyed at all times. Golf carts can seriously harm the golf course which would as a result threaten the game not just of the carts’ users but those of other golf club members and visitors too.

Always keeps these safety tips in mind whether you are driving a cart on the course or around the Grand Strand area on vacation.

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