Golf Cart Myrtle BeachMyrtle Beach is the home of a great deal of gated communities. Drive through these communities and you’re probably going to notice a lot of golf carts. The truth is, golf carts or golf cars are not simply for used on the links. In reality, a growing variety of people are selling their full sized vehicles for the smaller golf carts. Electric golf carts do not utilize any gas, and are simple and practical for navigating around gated neighborhoods. Homeowners use them to go get groceries, run errands, go to buddies or to visit the beach. Is a golf cart the ideal answer for you? Is it better to buy or lease? Exactly what are the laws governing golf carts in Myrtle Beach? We’ve got the answers right here.

Do You Need a Golf Cart?

If you own a home in a gated neighborhood, or if you frequently take a vacation or winter in a gated community, a golf cart may be a fun and affordable method for getting around. There are two type of golf carts; electric and gas. The majority of people opt for the electric version because they are well-rounded more economical and less environmentally harming to run. Electric golf carts have actually come a long way since their early predecessors. They hold a charge much longer than they used to, are more powerful and have a longer operating time. If you’re simply going to be toodling around the area or running light errands, an electrical cart will probably fit your requirements well. Gas carts are terrific for individuals who live on big complexes, such as farms, however in the city an electrical cart is usually more than sufficient.

Among the main advantages of golf carts is that they are simple to drive, easy to park and don’t take up much space. In addition, as anyone who lives or vacations along the coast understands, they are easy to clean. We’re talking about sand here. In reality, that are cleaning up stations especially for golf carts around the area!

If you want the freedom of easy navigation without the high cost of a hybrid car, a golf cart might be the ideal option for you.

Buy or Rent A Golf Cart?

The response here depends upon how often you will be utilizing the cart. If you only visit the beach a few times a year it may be more cost efficient to lease a cart. Best Golf Cars specializes in renting golf carts in all sizes. If Myrtle Beach is your second home, you may not want to handle storing or carrying a cart back and forth and may value the ease and stress-free nature of a rental. Best Golf Cars will deliver the cart to you and pick it up when you are done.

For those who live in the area full time, or who own a vacation home but visit often, purchasing a cart is most likely the way to go. As compared to a new car a golf cart is an extremely economical vehicle option. Want something extra special? Best Golf cars can customize a jaw dropping custom golf carts also. Golf carts do not need to be boring!

What Are the Golf Cart Laws in Myrtle Beach?

The guidelines governing golf carts in Myrtle Beach can be found here. Exactly what the law essentially comes down to is this; you need to be 16 years of ages or older to run a golf cart, (which must be registered). In addition, golf carts should just be driven throughout daytime hours on secondary roadways with speed limits of 35 miles per hour or less. Carts need to be driven no more than 4 miles from the registered address of the owner or the entryway to a gated a community.

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