Golf Carts Myrtle BeachA brand-new cart costs around $5,000, and a refurbished model runs much less. They get decent gas mileage, and sometimes require no gas at all, with electric models great for around 20 miles per charge. They’re likewise increasingly OK to operate on town roadways around the nation. Possibly the ideal vehicle for you isn’t a vehicle at all, however a golf cart.

Look around the nation– particularly in areas with sizeable retired person populations like Myrtle Beach– and there’s a likelihood you’ll find golf carts far away from the links. There is a town in South Carolina that over the summer season OKAY ‘d golf carts (ATVs too) to be driven on streets, and also allow carts on popular hike and bike trails and other places within town borders.

Vendors such as Best Golf Cars (yes, it’s cars, not carts) now sell a huge percentage of their cars for non-golf course functions. Best Golf Cars, the largest golf cart car dealership in Myrtle Beach sells 40 % of its stock for use places other than the greens. Approximately 85 % of resold golf carts wind up used away from golf courses. Golf carts can be seen travelling around at camping sites, retirement communities, car dealers, college campuses, to and from the beach and more. Due to the fact that they’re quiet to operate, and can be personalized with pop-up tents and camouflage paint, golf carts are now being utilized by hunters too.

Florida, with its abundance of golf courses and retirement communities, might have one of the most golf carts per capita in the country. An Orlando Sentinel story notes the spread of golf carts not simply in vacation areas, however on roads throughout the state, as more and more towns permit it:

“Every neighborhood is different,” said Florida Highway Patrol representative Kim Montes. “It does get confusing. We typically don’t get involved in the municipalities.”

However troopers will stop golf-cart drivers for violations such as driving on the sidewalk or driving under the influence. Motorists have to comply with all state and regional traffic laws, she said.

Montes cautioned that a golf cart is “not a toy.” However that’s not how many golf cart motorists see them. “This is a toy of the Baby Boomer generation,” Robert Edwards, the National Golf Cart Association’s executive director, told the Arizona Republic, which was prompted to do a story in 2011 after an 85-year-old man was killed behind the wheel of his cart when it hit an SUV.

More often, injuries occur due to drivers turning too rapidly– even 10 miles per hour is too quick for a sharp turn– which can cause carts to turn or motorists or passengers to fly out of the automobile. The association has posted tons of golf cart accident videos to show how not to run their “toy” carts.

“Toy” or not, driving a golf cart drunk can land you in severe trouble. In one noteworthy occurrence last summer season, Mick Brown, the drummer for Ted Nugent’s band– and a 55-year-old member of the Boomer generation– was apprehended for driving a golf cart under the influence of alcohol. Brown apparently took the cart after a show and took a couple of women for a ride around the venue, speeding recklessly on a foot path past policemans. (Note: It is also illegal to steal a golf cart.).

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