used golf cars Myrtle BeachMy family has remained in the golf car business since 1985 and we have seen the “golf car” market change rather significantly over the years. What was once a simple to operate piece of equipment with very few choices and was primarily designed to move a golfer around the golf course has now ended up being an extremely complex vehicle with limitless alternatives serving many applications. Buying an individual golf car needs to be a fun and exciting experience. Sadly, the golf cart

industry is not controlled like the automotive market. The sale of a golf cart is truly no different than selling a bike or mower. There is no “lemon law”. The absence of policy enables those who offer golf vehicles the capability to promote their equipment in really any style they deem fit. A lot of times the seller does not completely reveal all info to the uneducated purchaser and when an issue develops, they are nowhere to be found. I hope this checklist will aid you making the buying experience fun and interesting … you deserve it!

Which is better, Gas or Electric?

Basic laws of engineering can help with this concern. If there are 500 moving parts in an electrical automobile, there are 2000 moving parts in a gas car. Simply stated, there is more parts that can fail in a gas golf cart which means more repairs. If your intended use will allow for an electrical vehicle, it is always less expensive to own an electric car. Some applications do need gas. 1.) Failure to charge the car. 2.) The application will not allow for a complete 12 hours of undisturbed use to enable charging. 3.) The distance traveled daily exceeds 14 miles or 2 full rounds of golf. In summary, the choice should be based primarily on application and secondarily on mechanical ability. I want to inform my customers that if they purchase gas they most likely need to be more hands on (i.e. they like to repair their stuff) where the less mechanically inclined are much better off with electric.

Could you please define your Reconditioned or Re-manufactured procedure?

It astonishes me how few of buyers take the time to ask this question and actually dig into the rebuilding procedure. If they new the number of corners are cut by dealerships, I suspect they would spend more time on the topic. All golf cart dealers refurbish pre-owned cars and they all have a different process. On one end of the spectrum the dealership will change out every wear part, all exterior cosmetics, and all safety parts. There is a really detailed and time consuming process and the dealer can clearly define that procedure and share documented procedures. This dealership usually invests more time talking about what is not changed given that it is a much shorter list of elements. Reputable dealerships like talking about how they build their vehicles and boast of their work and will motivate questions from you. They are likewise willing to put their verbal discussions with you in writing on their receipt.

Then there are dealers who simply paint the cosmetics (outside) and a few of the worn out parts and safety parts are left untouched. In this market we call this “lipstick on the pig”. Be wary of this type of dealer. Their vehicles are typically extremely dressed up externally and have low price tags (seems too good to be true). These dealerships cut numerous corners, particularly the ones you can’t see without getting under the cart. These questionable dealerships will be unclear or slow to answer your questions and will tell you it isn’t necessary to have the details written down. In summary, ask a lot of concerns relating to the dealerships restoration procedures and get it in writing if you choose to make a buying decision, it may be your only recourse if something goes wrong.

Are you a factory authorized dealership?

Golf Cart Myrtle BeachFactory licensed dealers for the significant brands like Club Car are typically checked out pretty thoroughly by the maker. They are required to be financially stable, have liability insurance and represent the brand to high standards. Their technicians are likewise required to have factory certification. There are some independent non factory licensed dealerships that are respectable however for one of the most part, be on guard when dealing with them.

What country did the used golf car come from?

There are 3 primary American made golf vehicles in the market Club Car, E-z-go, and Yamaha. Almost every dealership wants to work on these companies and parts are easily available. There are numerous foreign made golf vehicles on the open market, mainly originating from China. It has actually been our experience that sourcing parts, upkeep manuals, and technical support is extremely tough. Most dealerships will not work on these manufacturers and often times owners of this equipment are not able to find somebody to fix the cart.

How “used” is the refurbished golf car I want to acquire?

Most late design gas and electrical golf carts are equipped with an amp hour meter. Ask the dealership the number of hours or amp hours the automobile you are wishing to buy has. A gas car with excellent upkeep will provide 5,000-6,000 hours of use before needing a significant overhaul. An electrical golf car will offer 40,000 to 50,000 amp hours of use before significant overhaul. Be leery of dealers who cannot provide these details.

Exactly what is your return policy?

There is no lemon law for golf vehicles. In lieu of this, trusted car dealerships should have a written return policy. Make certain you ask for that previous to purchasing.

In the event I have an issue with my car, how do I get it repaired?

Respectable dealerships, like Best Golf Cars, can service your car at your location or have the capability to transfer it back to their center for repair. They can likewise provide their rates for such services. If the dealership cannot supply such services or evidence of such services, we do not recommend you purchase from them. Best Golf Cars also offers maintenance contracts which can save time and money when upkeep is needed.

How frequently should I have my vehicle serviced?

All used cars offered must include a copy of the owner’s handbook. We prefer to give the customer a copy of the manual prior to delivery so that he or she can become educated on the car they are purchasing. Inside the handbook are specific upkeep standards for your vehicle.

Exactly what is the voltage of the vehicle?

When golf carts were first introduced, they had an electrical system consisting of 36 volts. The majority of cars offered today are 48 volts. This voltage is the most effective electrical system and will supply exceptional performance over the outdated 36 volt systems. There are some cars that offer 72 volts which supply remarkable range compared to a 36 or 48 volt system but are considerably more costly. If you plan on installing any high efficiency add-ons such as high speed motors, high speed gears, 4 seat packages, lift packages, high torque controllers, etc. stay away from a 36 volt electrical system as it will not be able to manage the heavy electrical load and will melt down.

Does this vehicle have new batteries?

If the response is YES, you need to validate this holds true. There are numerous scenarios where a dealer may answer YES to this concern but it may not be accurate. 1.) in some cases, the golf cart may have been stored for a long period of time with new batteries and the batteries are now unused but aged. 2.) They acquired used cars with 6 month old batteries and are promoting them as brand-new even though there has been use. 3.) The code date of the batteries have actually been fraudulently removed so you cannot tell the age. Here is how you examine. All batteries are marked with a code date which consists of a letter and a number. This code date is either stamped into the lead post or is on a decal by the battery. The letter is the month the battery was made and the number is the year it was made. (Example: Code Date of C4. A=January, B=February, C=March. 2 = 2012, 3 = 2013, 4 = 2014. So a B3 battery was manufactured in February of 2013) Like anything else, with batteries you get what you pay for. High quality batteries can last as long as 5 years. Low quality batteries can give up functioning as soon as 1 year. Examples of high quality brand of batteries are Trojan, Crown, US Battery and JCI. It is common for high quality batteries to carry a free replacement 18 month guarantee and should be detailed in your bill of sale.

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