Have you seen the viral video titled “Bubba’s Hover?” In just 17 days the video had over 7 million views on YouTube. Just in case you missed it, here it is:

How did this vehicle come about? In January 2014 Oakley signed Bubba Watson and they wanted to make a real splash in the marketing world. So they came up with the idea to pair the 2012 Masters champion with the viral video professionals at Thinkmodo and came up with the first hovercraft golf cart called the BW1.  The cart can soar over both water and sand traps and doesn’t harm the grass. Initially it was built for a clever marketing tool but requests for the cart have come pouring in.  You too can own one for a mere $65,000.

How the BW1 golf cart works:

custom golf cartThere is a classic roof which is patterned after the familiar golf cart look and also shields your eyes from the sun and your body from wayward golf balls.

To control the rudders, which steer applying airflow, motorcycle handlebars were installed.

Of course, you don’t pay the price tag and merely stay on the golf path. There is an inflatable skirt which keeps the cart nine inches from the ground, allowing you to simply float over the sand, ponds and hazard areas.

What puts the “hover” in the hover-cart? Sixty-five horse power supercharged fans.

What is really cool is to see the craft flying in reverse and spinning. This is done with a reverse-thrust, computer-operated system.

And of course there is rear storage for golf bags, your gear and a cooler of beer.

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