Mark Twain when said, “Golf is an excellent walk spoiled.”

Golf Carts Myrtle BeachHowever if you want to take the walking out of golf entirely, just utilize a golf cart. Golf is one of the few sports (beyond motorsports, naturally) that allows participants utilize motorized transport as part of the game. And if you’re doing it right, you can correctly and pleasantly use a golf cart when you’re out on the course.

Types of Golf Carts

When you’re out on the golf course, you don’t always have to utilize a cart. However, it’ll be a lot easier to concentrate on your game if your back isn’t hurting from carrying a heavy bag around. Plus, your golf cart permits you to express yourself in a manner that’s rare in sports.

There are two primary types of golf carts: gas and electrical. Fuel golf carts work much like little cars and trucks. A small engine, running on fuel, powers the cart’s wheels. However, one significant difference between a gasoline-powered golf cart and normal car is when the engine runs. When operating a car, the engine will start when you turn the key (or in more current cars, when you push the ignition), and it keeps running until you switch the ignition off. In a gasoline-powered golf cart, you start the engine when you step on the gas pedal, and it shuts down when you take your foot off the gas. That feature conserves gas, minimizes emissions and assists to keep the course peaceful, too. And it’s nice that you won’t need to be thinking of your next shot over the drone of an engine.

Golf Cart Accessories

Everyone understands the basics you have on the golf course: a sports shirt, spikes, clubs– and sunscreen is always a smart idea, too. However unlike other sports, golf lets you surpass the essentials by adding certain accessories to your cart. In fact, accessories can be a great method to individualize your golf cart to fit your needs.

Most golf carts come relatively sparsely equipped from the factory. Depending on your perspective, that’s either a pain, because you might have to pay additional for even the most basic of add-ons, like beverage holders, or it might be a good idea, since it suggests you can alternative that golf cart precisely as you want it.

Electric Golf Cart Tax Credit

By now you understand that the usefulness of golf carts goes far beyond the golf course. They can be used nearly anywhere a car and truck can’t, like the beach, and even in some locations where cars and trucks can go. Lots of neighborhoods in Myrtle Beach are located on golf courses. These golf communities aren’t just developed around golf courses, either. Instead, golf cart paths are used to promote a car-free lifestyle for the homeowners. Instead of hopping in their cars to go wherever they have to go, homeowners in these locations jump into their own personal golf carts. When used this way, golf carts are called Community Electric Vehicles (NEVs).

Peachtree City, Ga., a neighborhood south of Atlanta, is one area that has actually motivated NEV use among its citizens. Peachtree City has more than 90 miles (144.8 kilometers) of golf cart courses, and locals utilize them to travel between the 5 towns in the neighborhood. Lots of high school students within the community take golf carts to school, and the golf cart use has not just helped to lower traffic– it’s likewise assisted Peachtree City make CNN/Money’s list of the Best Places to Live [source: CNN/Money]

Whether you live in a beach community or a retirement village, a golf cart is a great way to get around and enjoy the area. Call Best Golf Cars today.

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