Golf Carts Myrtle BeachLately, it seems that seniors are a taking an interest in Golf Carts. I noticed something interesting when I was on my way home last week. It appears a new trend is becoming popular among senior couples. To save on gas, they have started driving golf carts around town while running errands.

This trend is becoming common in several retirement communities in the southern states. Seniors seem to be losing interest in cars and are leaving the gas hogs at home in favor of electric golf carts. This trend is most common in Florida but is starting to catch on in Myrtle Beach as well.

Many residents who are from out of state had two vehicles when they first moved to Myrtle Beach and are now able to cut down to just one. The golf cart is for transportation within the community, and they use the car when on longer trips.

Now that golf carts are becoming a popular means of transportation, many retirement communities are being designed to make everything accessible by golf cart. Those who drive around at 25 m.p.h are considered to be pushing the limits.

Many South Carolina residents located near Myrtle Beach are only a few minutes away from grocery stores, banks, golf course, doctors’ offices and almost anything else they would ever need.

An example of this trend is in Lady Lake; a retirement community located northwest of Orlando. Some would guess that a little over 70% of the residents have switched to electric golf carts. Chris Mianulli, a local golf cart repair worker, commented, “Everything here is golf cart accessible.”

The retirement community has several 18-hole and 16-hole golf courses. Additionally, they have several county clubs, a couple of bowling alleys, and a few shops. A busy freeway cuts through the middle of the gated community. The community decided to build a golf cart bridge over the highway to avoid a safety issue.

Many retirement communities in Myrtle Beach are also making adjustments for golf car owners.

Saving money is an excellent reason to power up an electric golf cart, but they are also rather fun to drive. Many other similarly designed golf cart friendly retirement communities are starting to pop up, and many others have existed for years. Fred Somers, who is a member of the National Golf Car Manufacturers Association, states that over 400,000 golf carts are privately owned in the U.S today. At least one estimate states that there are 14,000 such communities in the state of Florida alone. A brand new golf car costs around $3,000, but when luxury options are added the price can go up to $10,000. Some used golf carts sell for less than $2,000.

Typical golf carts are not able to travel any faster than 15 M.P.H, which fits in perfect with the slower pace of life at many retirement communities. The batteries take around eight hours to charge and cost 50 cents in electricity. Compare that with cars that eat up gas at over $2.00 a gallon.

There are other reasons that make golf carts appealing to seniors. Many elderly drivers consider them a safer means of transportation. It affords them the freedom to get around on their own, and they don’t have to deal with congested traffic. A lot of seniors feel considerably safer when driving a slow and easy to control golf cart.

At least one company is seeking to profit from this new trend by producing a hybrid vehicle that is a mix between a car and a golf cart. It can travel at a blazing 25 m.p.h, and it only takes six seconds to go from 0 to 20 m.p.h. Perhaps it will be the next generation. The new vehicle is called the Neighborhood Electric Vehicle, and it is being manufactured by a company based in Canada called Bombardier, the same company who manufactures Lear Jets and Sea-doo watercraft. The Neighborhood Electric Vehicle comes with several features that typical golf carts do not have, such as seat belts, head and tail lights, turn signals, windshield and roll bars. It cost just over seven thousand dollars to get one new. The company expects the Neighborhood Electric Vehicle to be a tremendous success and believes it will be taking the place of a second car.

With the current laws in most states, it is the responsibility of local municipalities to regulate golf carts and other slow moving vehicles. Most privately owned carts are not allowed to be driven outside retirement communities.

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