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August has arrived and it will soon be fall and time to think about storing your golf cart for the winter. I know it is hard to believe that summer is winding down but the realization that the kids start school next week brings us to that reality.

Aside from your swimming pool and deck furniture, the winter season can also affect your custom golf cars. This is why it is important that you prepare your golf cars for the coming cold months. If you are not planning on storing your golf car for the duration of the winter season, you should consider these things that you can add to your golf car to prepare it in facing the cold months.

  1. Enclosure

The first thing you should consider investing in as the cold months start to arrive is an enclosure and covering. Custom golf cars are open vehicles so you are likely to get wet and cold when you drive it during a cold day. Installing an enclosure will help ensure that you remain dry while using your golf car.

Enclosures come in different sizes and designs that you can choose from depending on the size, color and number of seats in your golf car. Enclosures have doors and windows to allow you and the passengers to still be able to look at your surroundings while driving the golf car. There are also bigger sized enclosures that are designed to cover and protect even the back part of the cart.

  1. Portable propane heater

This makes you even more comfortable when driving your golf car on a cold winter day. There are propane heaters that you can place on your cup holder or on the dashboard. When choosing a heater to buy, consider its safety, especially if you are using it inside an enclosed golf car. Also think about how the electric heater can affect the performance of your golf car battery because this is where it will get electricity to perate.

  1. Windshield wipers

Just like ordinary cars, you can also install windshield wipers on custom golf cars. And these are not only necessary during the winter season. You are also likely to need this all throughout the year, especially during the storm season. When it rains and you need to use your golf car, you will surely benefit from the wipers as they will keep the windshield clear and improve your visibility as you drive the golf car. As a result, it helps keep you safe while driving. You can choose from a manual or automatic wiper. If you are not sure which to buy for your golf car, seek professional advice from Best Golf Cars.

  1. Tire chains

This is another addition to your golf car that can keep you safe as you drive along a wet and slippery road. Similarly with cars, you will want to put chains on your golf car tires to make it more resistant to the slippery and wet roads. The size and amount of tire chains that you will need depend on the size of your golf car tire. Thus, it is important that you effectively measure your golf car tires before buying tire chains.

  1. Snow Plow

If you want to use your golf cart for another purpose, you can opt to have a snow plow attached to your golf cart. This will allow you to use your golf car in plowing and removing snow in your driveway and along the street. There are snow plows that are built as an attachment to golf cars. Some feature automatic adjustments for more convenience to the operator. Others, however, are manually adjusted.

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