Golf Cart Myrtle BeachGolf carts were originally designed for golf, however they have been repurposed and tailored for beach vacation rentals, retirement homes, closed areas, as well as for Myrtle Beach residents to utilize at vacation homes. Businesses as well as industrial sites utilize golf carts for efficiency to conserve time in moving employees, devices, and also cargo around the site. Carts are likewise used for safety.

Knowing exactly what to pick could be tough. Here are a few things to think about.

New versus Used

Most consumers like to get a used golf cart because of the significant price savings (often 50% of the expense of a new golf cart). On the other hand, brand-new carts come with updated innovations, manufacturing facility warranty, and no damage.

Gas versus Electric Golf Carts

Electric carts are popular for golfers, closed areas, and also entertainment settings with the capability to recharge the battery. They are likewise quiet. Gas carts are prominent when extended run-times are needed or when there is no electrical energy available to charge batteries.

Cart Features

The main factor we started Best Golf Cars was to build custom-made golf carts to fit our consumers. Our goals are for every cart to be made to suit the consumers’ requirements and for clients to obtain exactly what they desire. Are you questioning exactly what choices are available? Well, the opportunities and combinations are limitless. Here’s a summary of points to consider:

Seats: Just what’s the function of your cart? Job or play? Do you wish to seat 2, 4, or 6 people? Do you want to a two-seater that can carry materials in the back? Perhaps you want an exchangeable rear that can carry people or “things.” We offer a variety of seating arrangements.

Upholstery: Exactly what you intend to finish with your cart, your design, and also your budget plan will certainly identify what you desire for seats. We provide a range of upholstery varying from standard to tailored seat covers.

Body Color: Are you opting for a specific look or design? We could change your cart’s body color or take it to the next level as well as layout personalized graphics around the entire cart. This is preferred for those with a brand or item to promote.

Music: Do you like to take your tunes with you? We could mount stereo consoles, radios, and connections for apples iphone, tablets, as well as MP3 players.

Windshields: Windshields are a must in our “humid” weather and also feature the majority of BGC carts, yet did you understand there are options for windshields? Possibly you want a windscreen that folds down to allow the wind through. We have one-piece or folding windscreens that come clear or tinted.

Safety and security Additions: Depending on where you’re using your cart, you may be called for to mount some or all the following security gear. We also have a package to make your cart resort all set.

Horns– This safety item can be a great deal of fun — it is available in a few various styles and also audios.

Mirrors– Side and also rear-view mirrors assist with safety and also presence.

Fronts lights– If you intend on running your cart during the night, headlights as well as taillights are needed, whether you remain in a vacation rental or on the job. We mount halogen or power saving LED. Take it to the next level and include LED accent lights making your customized trip stand apart at night!

Made use of Golf Cart Budget

” Where are the $1000 golf carts?” You ‘d be surprised just how frequently we are asked this question! And indeed, as much as we would like to sell quality golf carts at this price, the fact is that they simply do not exist. A brand-new set of batteries can cost more than that, and then there’s the rest of the cart to think about.

Examine the Tires

Just like buying a car, inspect the tires of any cart you’re thinking about buying. Look for high quality tires that have deep tread and remain in excellent condition. Prior to your cart leaving our shop we will certainly ensure that the pressure matches the recommendations. If the tires aren’t in the condition you want or style you need, you can upgrade to brand-new tires. So, if you find a cart you like yet don’t like the tires, it’s an easy repair!

Check the Body

The body is both visual and also practical. Check the body for splits, scrapes, and also wear and tear. You could expect to see some scrapes and also deterioration on an used cart body, but we could make aesthetic modifications to your cart. If you do not such as the color of the body we can swap it out for a new body, painting it, or place custom-made graphics on it to enhance its look and also match your design.

Check out the Canopy (Cart Top).

The greatest point to look for when checking out the canopy is for rusted accessory parts. Stand on the cart as well as shake the cover (reasonably, certainly) and also make certain it’s safe. This shows high quality in construction and that all the parts are in good functioning order.


One of the most pricey component of the golf cart is the batteries, as well as a new set can cost you approximately $1000.

Call or stop buy one of our convenient locations and ask an experienced representatives about your new or used golf cart. We are sue to have one to fit your budget.

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