We continue our tips on buying a used or refurbished golf cart.

Used Golf Cart Storage

used golf carts

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Purchasers need to ensure they have sufficient space to correctly keep a golf cart. Carts that are kept inside your storage area or garage will remain in better shape when they not exposed to climate condition on a 24-hour basis. Also, golf carts are reasonably light and prone to theft. Storing a cart inside can hinder theft.

Utilized Golf Cart Spending plan

Purchasers should identify a spending plan for just how much they want to purchase a golf cart. Buyers with smaller budgets may have to sacrifice appearances or functions for a golf cart that will last. Buyers with a slightly larger spending plan can search for more recent designs with more functions and comfy seats.

Examining a Used Golf Cart

When purchasing a used golf cart, buyers should examine each individual component of the golf cart, such as the tires, to guarantee it is adequate. Purchasers should identify exactly what features they need and check the golf cart to make sure each element is practical. Knowing the distinction in between reconditioned golf carts and as-is designs will assist purchasers to make an informed acquiring choice.

Examine the Tires

Buyers should analyze the tires on the golf cart. Look for tires with deep treads and no noticeable punctures or damage. Inspect the tire pressure to make sure the tires hold air and the pressure in the tire matches the recommendation. Purchasers who find the right cart with used tires need to keep in mind that tires can be changed for as little as $90. A quality cart must not be ignored just because of poor tire quality.

Examine the Canopy

Look at the canopy of the golf cart. There must be minimal damage to the roofing or frame. Look for rust. Canopies that have rust damage will just further wear down, becoming more troublesome. Buyers must lightly shake the canopy to make sure it feels secure. Any shifting or looseness in the canopy signifies bad building or weakening parts.

Examine the Body

The body of the cart is essential from a structural as well as cosmetic viewpoint. The body of the cart ought to have very little rust or noticeable damage. Small scratches, faded paint, or small damages that do not compromise the stability of the cart must not deter a buyer from thinking about the cart. Purchasers ought to put pressure on each component on the body, testing for stability.

Check the Battery

Buyers need to inspect the battery prior to buying an electrical cart. Batteries can cost approximately $800 to replace. The more recent the battery, the longer the battery will last. Batteries are generally marked with a code including a letter and a number that suggest the month and year the battery was made. The letter signifies the month, A being January, B being February, and so on, till I, which represents December. The second part is a single-digit, one through 9. Batteries last five to 6 years, so purchasers can presume the number represents the closest preceding year ending because single number.

Ensure a Good Price

Buyers ought to always match the model of a used golf cart with the cost of a new golf cart. This will provide buyers context for the purchase price. Depending on wear and tear, a used cart should be approximately fifty percent of the expense of a new cart. Carts with less wear and tear, brand-new batteries, or carts that have actually seen under a year of use will have greater rates.

Think about the Brand name

Purchasers need to think about the brand name of the golf cart when shopping. Brands such as Club Car, EZ Go, and Yamaha are popular, reputable golf carts. Buying significant trademark name enables buyers to understand the carts are developed with quality parts that are made to last and can be changed quickly.

” As Is” Versus Reconditioned Golf Carts

People buying pre-owned golf carts from dealers ought to know the difference between “as is” and reconditioned golf carts. Reconditioned carts were taken in by the dealership, inspected, and completely redone by the dealer. These carts may have new mechanical pieces, brand-new seat material, or perhaps brand-new paint. Buyers can be guaranteed of their quality by the 60- to 90-day warranty lots of dealers provide. Buyers may pay more for a cart that is reconditioned, however this is an excellent investment for the quality reconditioned carts offer.

As-is golf carts have had no refurbishment work and have no warrantee. Dealerships and sellers generally examine these carts for major mechanical or structural defects, however the assessment stops there. These carts are offered without service warranties however are generally less expensive than reconditioned golf carts.

Test Drive Used Golf Carts

Test driving a golf cart is an excellent way to identify the quality and performance of a cart. Buyers should take the cart for a minimum of a 15-minute test drive. Buyers ought to first observe how comfortable the cart and seats are. The cart should be sufficient to have a driver and traveler ride in the cart for a couple of minutes without discomfort. Buyers ought to then examine the responsiveness of the vehicle. Test how fast the cart speeds up on flat ground and inclines. Check the brakes. Make certain they are trustworthy, and test to see how they react when making a tough, fast stop. Look at the battery life and fuel. A brief test drive must make an extremely minor influence on the quantity of fuel or battery left. The test drive will assist buyers get a feel for how the cart carries out.


A golf cart is a good investment for passionate golf players, individuals residing in retirement communities, or company people who deal with big sites, such as landscapers, building and construction employees, or hotel personnel. Buying a golf cart used can assist buyers to save significant cash on their preliminary purchase. Buyers have to discover each element of a golf cart and understand what to look for when shopping for a used golf cart. Buyers need to do their homework and inspect and evaluate and drive a cart to insure quality and efficiency.

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